You are the star of your life. Your wardrobe is the costume department. Are you dressed for the role you want to play? A wardrobe is an assemblage of pieces that interrelate, function as a whole, and tell a story. No two are the same. It’s easy to dress and to pack when you have a wardrobe that works. It’s hard when you just have a bunch of clothes.

As a wardrobe consultant and stylist, I’ve been changing the world – one wardrobe at a time – since 1984.

AB Wardrobe Works, Annie Brumbaugh, Wardrobe Consultant, Stylist, New YorkMy clients are men and women of various ages, lifestyles, and professions. Some have lots of clothes, others don’t. Some know a lot about fashion, others don’t. Whatever the starting point, I help each client to define a personal style, and together we develop the wardrobe to express it.

Building a wardrobe is a continual process of refinement of the pieces and the message. Your wardrobe evolves as you do. My promise to you is that the time and money you invest in perfecting your image will yield major dividends professionally, socially, and psychologically. Most of my clients tell me it has changed their lives.

Annie in orange jacket